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middlecentre instruments is the section of manufacturing and selling musical instruments in middlecentre Inc.
We manufacture and sell the drums made of Japanese woods which has unique structure.
Our products are made in Japan except metal hoops and snare wires.

All products of middlecentre instruments are hand-crafted in Senba-cho Sano-shi Tochigi-ken Japan placed middlecentre Inc.

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There are many types of tree in Japanese islands.
middlecentre instruments is hand-crafting the drums used only Japan endemic spacies or Japanese wood.*1
We do from felling and sawn of raw woods*2 to product manufacturing.

We use the woods not been used as a timber in past, not only been used as a musical instrument material traditionally in Japan (e.g. Zelkova, Cherry blossom tree). We persue many types of sound by character of the woods.

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The drum-parts of middlecentre instruments are original design except metal hoops, snare wires, tension bolts.
Its design is less effect to the shell.

Our drums adopt the heads of aspr (ASAPURA co.ltd). aspr is only one drum head manufacturer in Japan.

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Shell structure of middlecentre instruments are based block stave.*3
It has high rigidity by the shape left the polygon, unique reinforcement structure(e.g. Japanese paper etc.), thick shell*4.
Head sounds loudly by high rigidity shell in a stable, and difference of the sound by materials clearly.

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  1. *1 : Also we manufacture drum accessories and shell of Japanese drum (SHIME-DAIKO, OKEDOU-DAIKO) at a special order.
  2. *2 : We also use sawn materials already in part.
  3. *3 : Hollow shells are also made as special model.
  4. *4 : Snares are medium (20 - 25mm), toms are medium-thin (15 - 20mm) are as standard thickness of the shells. Bass drums depend on the material.